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New Chapter for Local Crew Service

we are proud to announce a new chapter of our service. For the first locations in Berlin, Germany, we hired two On Site Managers. Javier Gonzalez and Jeremy Hodoli, in the Rhein-Ruhr Area from 1st of March Daniel Lewis will available.

Now what is an On Site Manager exactly? We started with local crew in all different areas over the world. Mainly Stagehands to assist with Event Equipment and the setup of it at concerts and fairs.  Most event customers come from around the world to different fair locations and other locations. Sometimes they are there for the first time, dont speak the local language and have all sorts of other problems. We realized that our crew captains served in many cases as on site problem solvers. They know the locations, cause they work there very often. They speak the language of the customers and the local languages and can solve on site problems as translators or almost a cultural mediator. Many of our customers found this service very useful. Our Crew Captains even helped to get forgotten equipment at short notice for events. For the bespoke locations we raised the best Crew Captains now on the next level and named them what they really are for us: On Site Managers.

We now give faces to our on site team, people you will meet again and people that you know. So please be welcome and meet our On Site Managers — On Site.

We will expand this Servie in the future to several other locations.

Experienced, organized, problem – solvers.

If you are interested in getting assistance for your events, please contact us here




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