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2 Years prior this day, the transitional period for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) startet – today it became law. You may have received the one or other E-Mail from companies you never heard off or shops where you ordered a box of chocolate 5 years ago. Well anyways, we also had to update our privacy policy, you may also have received a direct E-mail from us, asking for ongoing permission to send you information about what we do and what new things we can offer. We hope you accepted it. If not, please be welcome at any time, visiting us on Facebook or on our website or even better give us a phone call for a little chat. Business lives from direct contact so maybe its time to talk more face to face in the future.

Overall We at see it as a chance to get better relationships to you our customers and partners.

You may now also have a closer look on our actual Privacy Policy.


Patrick Harnisch / Managing Director


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