Stagehands; Also For Precision Jobs, Le Grand Hotel

Stagehands; also for precision jobs,

Paris is full of many proud old buildings with long histories. The Paris International Grand Hotel is one of them. Opened by Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III, it was host to Czars and Kings.  Today it has 470 rooms 72 suites and 2 restaurants and is still one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. With this in mind, we are proud to be able to provide crews with the skills and discipline necessary to work in these types of environments. Its not all Rock and Roll, in some locations its necessary to be more careful in the areas that you work in, whether it be museums or historic Hotels. knows the difference.

If you would like to book crews in Paris or other regions for such events, please contact us at:


foto: local crew at the hotel

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