and Friends; Caught In The Rain

With IFA coming to Berlin, the end of summer is always a busy time for the team. The action kicked off a little early this year with Samsung’s IFA 2017 press conference in the Tempodrom arena a week ahead of the main exhibition.

The invite-only event showcased some of Samsung’s latest technologies to various members of the press and the tech community, highlights including new smart phones and smart watches, to be displayed at IFA. Don’t worry if you missed your invite, it was also live-streamed all over the internet.
Check out all our hard work there!

The crew were enlisted by UK Company Smyle to help with the heavy lifting and technical gadgets for the show. There was a lot of heavy lifting to be done and a lot of technical gadgets to be set up, but the usual mix of team work and hard work got the job done.

The de-rig proved particularly challenging with a heavy down poor impeding the crew on the last day. After losing some furniture to the rain, a few extra trips had to be made to the skip (large garbage container for all you none English readers). A mention to the Crewchief and production managers on both sides needs to be made for keeping the workforce organised and moving. Even the simplest task can turn into a disaster if you don’t have a good leader, 45 crew members, 3 tonnes of wood and a torrential downpour to deal with.

It was all Smyles in the end 😉

(Pictures: & Smyle Crew members, Dan Parry, Jan Mante, Javier Gutierrez, Rio Imeson, Fernando Quartana)

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