Stagehands At The Formula E Championship In Berlin

Last weekend Stagehands was at Tempelhof Airport setting up an exhibition area for the 2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship event taking place on the 25th in Berlin. The Tempelhof airfield is a retired airport that is now used to host many different types of events. With huge open fields not far from the city center the location is perfect for large events.

For this event we set up large sections of trussing along with lighting and sound equipment. It’s always nice to work at such an exciting job site, add to that the warm sunny weather we had this weekend and it doesn’t get much better.

We also provided the ABB FIA Formula E Championship with crews at their recent events in Paris and Monaco. They also have additional upcoming events in Bern and then the Finale in New York. For more information about these events visit their website at

If you are looking for crews to help set up for your next upcoming event in Berlin or anywhere worldwide please contact us here. We would be more than happy to get you a quote and work with you to make your event happen hassle free.

Formula E Championship Set-up in Berlin
Formula E Championship Set-up in Berlin


N509FZ [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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