Sun, Sea and Stagehands!

As the Sun finally comes back to Europe and Spring breathes life back into nature, the Stagehands crew are revitalized and ready for the season ahead.
The sun brings with it a busy time in the events industry; fashion weeks, launch parties, parades and even the start of the festival season are just a few of challenges for the event staff spread across the continent.
The stagehands team have already had some fun in the sun, the Paris crew made an appearance in Disneyland this week and the Berlin crew at the premier of a new movie in the cities prestigious Sony Centre. Our Turkish crew has also been in action in the always sunny Antalya this month, providing technical support to shops in the countries capital.

Working in venues and locations like this gives the crew vital experience and expertise to be used in all projects throughout the season, what a crew may learn when setting up barriers for the Paris Marathon, they may put in practise at the Monaco Formula 1 or a truck loading tip from Lollapalooza may save the day at La Tomatina.
With countless festivities set to take place over the coming months, this versatility and experience will prove a vital part of the service. Whether its Stockholm pride or the infamous Cooper’s hill Cheese rolling, local crew can provide insight and knowledge money can’t buy…message us today for a quote!

(Picture: crew, Berlin)

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