International Green Week Berlin 2019 taking orders for International Green Week (IGW) Berlin

Every year, the first big fair in Berlin is the IGW. The IGW is the worlds biggest consumer fair for food and agriculture. Around 1700 exhibitors will inform about food, agriculture and present their local specialities. Last year over 400,000 visitors enjoyed food and drinks from all over the world and informed themselves over the regions were they came from.  The Next IGW will be held in 18 Jan- 27 Jan, 2019 in the Messe Berlin.

We are already taking orders for crew to set up your booths or Hosts and Hostesses to assist during the event.

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foto: ©Patrick Harnisch 2015

DMEXCO Cologne

Fair for digital marketing in Cologne

The digital marketing fair took place for the 10th time in the north rhine westphalian city. 41.000 visitors, 550 speakers and around 1000 exhibitors attended to one of the biggest diggital business fairs in the world.

As every year, our Stagehands helped with the fair. We supported our international customers with local crew  for set up and deconstruction of booths.

See you again next year at the DEMEXCO!

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foto (DMEXCO 2018 LOGO) (c) Koelnmesse


Artificial Intelligence in the Event Industry

How is Artificial Intelligence(AI) changing our business?

We were today at the DJW (German-Japanese-Business Association) Symposium in Düsseldorf. Several participants were informing and discussing what AI can do, should do and how it will change our life.

We want to share with this post an outcome of this discussions and a short conclusion when we look on our own business.

Our main business is to organize crew and  services for our customers, we strive to be available for our customer as quickly as possible and as direct as possible.  Our main goal is to make lifes easier for our customers. On the service side, this is very time consuming to do in our office. Picking up requests from our customers, discussing things with our partners in serveral countries in the world.

Where does AI pop in ?

From what we have learned today, basically AI can be used at several points in the company.

It starts at the customer contact channel. Which channel does the customer use and how is this information treated? Customers contact us on several channels. Phone, Whatsapp, Mail, Facebook, Smatsupp, we are dealing with this messages personally, every single one.

And here AI can be a really good help. i.e. having a software that bundles all these message channels and filters first messages. Why filter? Some messages and who may have noticed this not before, are spam and fishing mails. On top of these mails, you get messages, that simply ask for the way to contact you, or how to reach you, what information is needed for an order and so on.

AI can be used to implement automatic answers to these simpler questions, When needed a “real person” can still come into play if needed.

AI can also be used to predict certain events. Maybe its interesting when your customer will order again, and we see it over the years, that events are recurring, that some customers dont order during school holidays, some customers may event simply forget about you, if you are not contacting them after a certain amount of time.

AI can learn these specialities of business and wont forget what it has learned, thats the major advantage over information, wise conclusions and knowledge that might be lost in daily business ore when people leave the company. But its more than a simply wisdowm storage, it can learn and become better.

We will have a closer look into AI, as it is an very interesting opportunity to make lifes easier, for our customers and our office workers and that should be also the main overall goal of implementing AI in your and our business: simplify life for users.

If you are interested in the topic the DJW is soon sharing details about the outcome of the AI symposium in Düsseldorf.

We also recommend companies  and institutions who send their speakers:

Cognigy Multi Channel AI

Humanizing Technology ( they program the software for Peppa)

AIST Japan (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


photo: Patrick Harnisch At The DJW Symposium next to Robot Peppa


New Friends For In Luxembourg

Thanks to a new partnership, is happy to announce the inclusion of Luxembourg into the list of countries you can book event crew in!

There has always been a strong network in the area; with connections in all three neighboring countries we have always been able to accommodate projects for Luxembourg, often transporting crew from Metz, Bastogne and even Frankfurt!
But now it’s easier than ever before, with lower travel cost, more hands available and that ever-so-important, local venue knowledge, organizers can now staff any event, stress free.

We all know Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest countries, with a population of around 560,000, you might be surprised to learn the country hosts thousands of public events annually; Music festivals, trade shows, marathons, the tour de Luxembourg, iron man, agricultural fairs, gay pride, balloon festivals…the list goes on and on and they all need event crew.
If you are organizing one of these events or any of the countless other events in Luxembourg, reach out to us for a quote!


(picture: By Denise Hastert (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)