World Economic Forum 2019 @ World Economic Forum in Davos 22. to 25th January 2019

In 1971 the Klaus Schwab founded the European Management Conference, later known as the World Economic Forum. The goal of the newly founded conference was to discuss modern Management methods. The annual conference later on was joined by more and more politicians to discuss the ways the world economic. Today the Forum is the World Leading conference on world economics with participants in the highest political ranks. This years agenda was full of themes of ecological matter, as well as the future of work itself. While facing the danger of robots doing all the work, we are proud that we could still help with the Forum itself with plenty of Humans workforce.

If  you would like to know more on this years topices of the world economics forum, please visit their website here.

If you wish to order crew in Davos or in other parts of Switzerland, feel free to contact us.


picture: 25.01.2019 Ministry of the Presidency. Government of Spain [Attribution or Attribution]

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