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Stagehands Gives 2 donates to KuDePo e.V. La Casa

we decided this year to give people in need instead of sending out pencils, pralines and other stuff people really dont need. Dont get us wrong, we are thankful for the relationship with them, but our customers already know who we are.  So, this Christmas we picked out 2 projects we want to support . 2 Projects in Berlin.

The first one we support with our donation is La Casa from KuDePo. e.V. in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf.  KuDePo. e.V. is a non profit organisation-youth work organisation. Main goal is to support the youth. To educate, guide them, to empower them to be able to do self-determined action and have a critical thinking.

They do this with several self determined projects. One of those projects is La Casa. La Casa is a house also in Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin. Young people can come here to participate and organize concerts, workshops or simply play or do sports.  We directly felt a connection, not only from the them “concerts” which is quite familiar to us as an event company, but also we think this is a great idea. We decided to give La Casa 1000€ to support their great work in an Berlin area, were the youth needs them very much.

Finally we invite you to have a look on the websites of KuDePo.e.v and La Casa. And now go,  support them yourself by donating money here.

Our secound donation we have made this Christmas will be presented tomorrow.

We whish La Casa and KuDePo all the best in the future.


Foto: Nico and Franzi with the team of La Casa handing over the cheque


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