Donation to the Kältebus

Stagehands Gives 2 – Part 2 donates to the “Kältebus”

Part 2 of our donation goes to the Kältebus of the Berliner Stadtmission

Every year starting 1st of November to 31st of following year March the Kältebus drives through Berlin. The Van or better the vans (3), take care of homeless people that are to weak to be able to go alone to one of the homeless shelters that protect from the cold of the winter.

The social workers speak to the people in need, give them warm beverages or a sleeping bag and help them to get to one of the shelters if the homeless ask for it. The van made its first drive in 1994 after a homeless person died from cold. The Initatiors said themself they want to prevent a secound death in any case.

We think that the “Kältebus” or “Get out of the Cold Van” is a very supportable initiative and therefore  that our donation of 1000€ can hopefully do a lot to help people in need here.

If you want to inform yourself a bit more about the Kältebus, please go on and read more about it here

You may also directly donate to the Berliner Kältehilfe to support the Van, please go here to do so, please choose “Kältehilfe” from the drop down menu on their page.

We thank the Kältebus for their great and very necessary work for the people in need.



foto: Nico and Franzi at the cheque presentation

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