International Green Week Berlin 2019 taking orders for International Green Week (IGW) Berlin

Every year, the first big fair in Berlin is the IGW. The IGW is the worlds biggest consumer fair for food and agriculture. Around 1700 exhibitors will inform about food, agriculture and present their local specialities. Last year over 400,000 visitors enjoyed food and drinks from all over the world and informed themselves over the regions were they came from.  The Next IGW will be held in 18 Jan- 27 Jan, 2019 in the Messe Berlin.

We are already taking orders for crew to set up your booths or Hosts and Hostesses to assist during the event.

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foto: ©Patrick Harnisch 2015

Stagehands Gives 2 – Part 2 donates to the “Kältebus”

Part 2 of our donation goes to the Kältebus of the Berliner Stadtmission

Every year starting 1st of November to 31st of following year March the Kältebus drives through Berlin. The Van or better the vans (3), take care of homeless people that are to weak to be able to go alone to one of the homeless shelters that protect from the cold of the winter.

The social workers speak to the people in need, give them warm beverages or a sleeping bag and help them to get to one of the shelters if the homeless ask for it. The van made its first drive in 1994 after a homeless person died from cold. The Initatiors said themself they want to prevent a secound death in any case.

We think that the “Kältebus” or “Get out of the Cold Van” is a very supportable initiative and therefore  that our donation of 1000€ can hopefully do a lot to help people in need here.

If you want to inform yourself a bit more about the Kältebus, please go on and read more about it here

You may also directly donate to the Berliner Kältehilfe to support the Van, please go here to do so, please choose “Kältehilfe” from the drop down menu on their page.

We thank the Kältebus for their great and very necessary work for the people in need.



foto: Nico and Franzi at the cheque presentation

Stagehands Gives 2 donates to KuDePo e.V. La Casa

we decided this year to give people in need instead of sending out pencils, pralines and other stuff people really dont need. Dont get us wrong, we are thankful for the relationship with them, but our customers already know who we are.  So, this Christmas we picked out 2 projects we want to support . 2 Projects in Berlin.

The first one we support with our donation is La Casa from KuDePo. e.V. in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf.  KuDePo. e.V. is a non profit organisation-youth work organisation. Main goal is to support the youth. To educate, guide them, to empower them to be able to do self-determined action and have a critical thinking.

They do this with several self determined projects. One of those projects is La Casa. La Casa is a house also in Marzahn-Hellersdorf district of Berlin. Young people can come here to participate and organize concerts, workshops or simply play or do sports.  We directly felt a connection, not only from the them “concerts” which is quite familiar to us as an event company, but also we think this is a great idea. We decided to give La Casa 1000€ to support their great work in an Berlin area, were the youth needs them very much.

Finally we invite you to have a look on the websites of KuDePo.e.v and La Casa. And now go,  support them yourself by donating money here.

Our secound donation we have made this Christmas will be presented tomorrow.

We whish La Casa and KuDePo all the best in the future.


Foto: Nico and Franzi with the team of La Casa handing over the cheque by Global Jumping Berlin

Closing off July with some fun and games under the sun


Who doesn’t love summer, horses and a good competition? As the team is finishing off a hectic work period in July before things quiet slightly down in August, Global Jumping Berlin was taking place at Berlin Messe this weekend.

Happening at the Messe’s beautiful green summer garden location,  the horse jump-tournament with over 15 locations in 12 countries came to a closing in Berlin as its only German location. The tournament saw Olympic, world and European champions, world cup winners and many of the worlds best riders and horses gathering to compete for fame and prestige, competing on the highest level with a total prize amount of 1 000.000 euros.

Our crew was on site in the sommer gardens assisting with preparing the grounds for take down & take off, keeping a high tempo and high spirits under the sun.

It was hectic at times, yet the perfect project closing of an unbelievably sunny month and we look forward to next years show!


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Photo by Eponimm [CC BY 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons at International Green Week Berlin are set to kick off 2017 at the 82nd International Green Week in Berlin.
The event is an international exhibition of the food, agriculture and gardening industries. Founded in Berlin in the 1920s, it has grown to one of the largest of its kind and attracts upwards of 400,000 visitors.
With representatives creating ever larger and more complex displays for the exhibition, the set up for the event is fast becoming an annual project for the stagehands crew.
A team of TechAssists will be on hand to build the Dutch exhibit and with 2 weeks of build time, it is set to be bigger than ever!


(Picture: By Riki1979 [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons)

#### Stagehands JOBS in Berlin ####


Stagehands jobs in Berlin, Minijob or higher.

From February 1st we will be hiring stagehands to join our team.  If you are currently in the events industry or have any experience, we would like to hear from you.
Motivated, reliable and skilled workers require.

Please send us applications exclusively as PDF in a file.

German knowledge is an advantage


Daniel Parry new Coordinator at

Daniel Parry has strengthened the Berlin team since 01.03.2016
The 26 year-old looks back at 2 degrees in Media Technology and Physics from Leicester, England. Since 2012 has been responsible for crew booking and Dryhire in various companies in Darwin and Melbourne in Australia.
Being British, he will support and further develop the growing business with customers from the US and Great Britain in Europe and overseas.
“In addition to the maintenance of customer relationships, planning and marketing, Daniel will make it easier for English-speaking customers to organize projects with us.” says CEO Patrick Harnisch.
“We are delighted to welcome Daniel to our team, I am convinced that our British partners will benefit greatly. We have now with Daniel a native English speaker on the team who already is familiar with the international events industry and can fall back on an existing network. ”

(picture: Daniel Parry ©2016 | auxamis ltd.

Cisco Live! at Messe Berlin with 120 crew

Messe Berlin played host to CiscoLive! for the first time. The change of venue from Milan bought a whole new set of logistical challenges for the event’s organizers.

Cisco Live! saw over 13,000 delegates through its doors. With providing over 120 professional and experienced local crew, with knowledge of the venue and its workings, the event ran smoothly. Messe Berlin looks forward to hosting the event again in the coming years, and will be there to help keep things on track.


(picture: South Entrance Messe Berlin during the setup in February. ©2016

auxamis ltd.)